Shannon Louise’s collection has captured the harsh reality of bullying, focusing on cyber bullying as it is growing with todays society on social media. Demonstrating that it is just as important as any other social and political discourse. She is wanting to change the globals perception of this accepted behaviour, which causes serious mental and physical health issues. Taking the deconstructed, anti-fashion and activism inspiration from Vivienne Westwood, Katharine Hamnett and Martin Margiela she created an iconic sentimental showcase of art using fashion as the platform. She is also using her collection to fundraise for ‘Ditch the Label’, the largest anti-bullying organisation in the uk.

During the process of using anti-fit and anti-fashion trends, Shannon developed her activist style through deconstruction, screen printing and embroidery. Taking impact from online statistics about cyberbullying and covering the garments in them to make a bold statement about the issues. Denim, linen, chiffon and scraped materials act as the layers of the human body being damaged by the effects of bullying. Shannon wanted to make the collection to fit a variety of sizes and shapes, as she did not want to victimise and a large starting point to bullying is based on appearance.

For this collection, Shannon has designed 3 handmade donation bags. Not to only stylise the outfits but to also show that she is fundraising, and that only £2.27 can change someones life with the help and support from ‘Ditch the Label’. The collection is made with dark monotone colours, representing the cold emotions felt during bullying. However, there is a hint of vibrant blood red cotton webbing tape with the bold white cyber-bullying statistics embroidered onto them. White screen printed statistics with social media illustrations, were add to make them the eye catching parts of the outfits.