Shannon O’Doherty’s collection concept was ‘Romeo and Juliet’. She strived to create a collection that represented the dynamic duo in a way which combined their many differences and brought them together as one. Shannon was initially inspired by 17th/18th century artwork depicting the lovers and their historical dress. This led Shannon to watch the 1996 Baz Luhrmann film where Romeo wears a suit of armour costume, which ended up becoming a major design inspiration.

Shannon juxtaposed the very masculine and historical armour references with luxurious feminine floral fabrics, ruffles and cropped styles to give the collection a modern flair. This juxtaposition allows the collection to convey both sides of the opposing duo in a subtle way. Looking further into armour and mail led Shannon to incorporate chains and eyelets into the collection giving the garments an edgier detail to them while still being hyper feminine.

The collection stands out as overall it is very structured yet wearable and feminine, while the eyelets and chains express the more masculine sources of inspiration, helping to create statement pieces within each outfit. The use of almost monochromatic outfits creates an interesting line up and the fabrics and overall construction of the made shirt give off a luxury impression.