Shifah Wajid is a recent graduate who studied BA (Hons) in Fashion Design at Middlesex University. For her third and final year, she created this graduate collection called Cold Theories which showcases her fashion interests and values, diving deeper into the world of menswear and streetwear.

What is 'Cold Theories' about?

It is disregarding a set of guided principles as 'Cold Theories' as well as guiding an individuals fashion journey as versatile and interchangeable through streetwear. Therefore she created pieces that would work no matter how or in whichever order they are worn. Reversible, layered, gathered, and cinched, all can be done within this collection while being consistent with the fabrics and elements of her research.

Dedicating time and importance to research by collecting valuable details from many designers, collections and overall construction and style techniques. An important element within this collection was to represent who Shifah Wajid is. This meant adding a personal element to the collection which she did by creating her own print and logo.

This helped her give the collection an identity due to the songs on the music reciept representing love, struggle, descrimination, racism and empowerment, showcasing what she would want her brand's values to focus on in the future. Making the print more personal to her, as a person of colour, working-class, minority ethnic, Muslim female helped her to visualise her position and the importance of continuing to implement and work towards in terms of growing a brand identity.