‘Fashion is all about drama. Leaving a long lasting impression in the eyes of its viewers.’ - Shivam Srivastava, a recent graduate of Pearl Academy, India. He took his graduation project as an opportunity to discover himself as a designer, his own language and his narrative.

For his graduation project, ‘Into the Lattice’, Shivam put a lot of focus on his design process, finding his own design style along the way. For him, concept is the most important part of a collection as it gives it a soul.

His collections dwell deep into the concept, creating a visual narrative for the viewer. Taking his art background, he wanted to blend the two worlds of art and fashion together to create a visually immersive experience for the viewers.

This art inspired red carpet collection is an ode to his background in science and love for avant grade fashion. It is a visual interaction between his mind and the eyes of the viewers. For his graduation project, he was inspired by the magical properties of crystal and why they’ve always been involved in such practices.

Have you ever wondered why emerald heals respiratory issues, or why a clear quartz helps in concentration . Shivam’s graduation project takes into account of the optical phenomenons that occur inside a crystal, and give them their magical properties. His collections is inspired from polarisation of light, one of the phenomenon occurring inside a crystal. Be mystified as you go deeper ‘Into the Lattice’.