Fusion depicts a collection that is inspired by British Asian culture, a contemporary take on East meets west classics.Drape is an important aspect throughout the collection.The beautiful drape of a sari combined with the voluminous drape of a British ballgown all 'fused' together with elements of contemporary artist work and sweets.’Fusing’ being a literal technique used throughout the collection.

During the Design Development proccess, the method of combining soft and hard shape was a technique Shivani had used to inspire each of her designs. Designs were developed by merging luxurious fabrics with unique print and textile to create pieces unique to the wearer. For this collection, Shivani had designed an array of garments ranging from jumpsuits to dresses and dressed up shirts keeping in mind her muse, a confident modern woman who enjoys to wear luxurious outfits yet a sustainably aware consumer to.

A Spring/Summer collection featuring light drapes contrasting with heavy print and textile. Shivani’s Designs are created with a sustainable mindset to create garments of quality yet better for the environment. With the use of natural fabrics i.e.Cottons, Silks & Crepe de chine, clothes will last longer and are not produced in large scale. Day to evening wear, designed for a High-end luxury market.