Shun Yip’s collection was heavily inspired by the notion of the film ‘Pleasantville’. which was used as a bedrock to push the ideas of an archetypal world that has divergent protagonists. An existence that has distractions from what the world really is, utopian principles painting a picture of a faultless environment, a sanctuary from the reality that surrounds us every day. Taking menswear into a new direction, reworking it into a collection of realism.


During the process of combining traditional menswear with modern streetwear, Shun was defying the means of menswear. Keeping with the escapism theme Shun Yip’s collection saw reworked workwear with an array of menswear. The main garments were layered reworked gilets, shirts and extreme oversized coats. The upbeat heavy base music ran throughout the show and you couldn't help but feel a sense of power. Trending colours for this show included hues of blue, beige with the occasional pop of colour such as yellow and orange.


The collection has a heavy feel to the wearer, giving it an industrial look. The colour palette coming from the raw film ‘1984’ by George Orwell, using their neutral tones but mixing in an accent colour such as orange to lift the garment. Experimenting with laser-cut buckles to add a utility element to the jackets, this has made the garment come to life.  
The experimentation process came to a conclusion as the collection progresses, everything takes shape, the boxy extreme silhouettes are the main shape as to what you see. The process of making the gilets was to rework and form a shape that enhances the form. The collection has developed from traditional menswear to robust practical wear. She was colour blocking garments so the colour palette can be balanced out. The utility almost military wear has taken a turn as the new way of creating utility wear.