My obsession for pearls started way back when I was little when my grandma gave me her pearl necklace as a present. It was my first piece of jewellery and I was deeply fascinated by how beautiful it is. Traditionally, pearl jewellery are elegant and has a softer image. Metal, on the other hand project power and structure. The idea of how they are so contrasted and seems unrelated has inspired me to create this collection in the first place.

During my research, I would constantly question myself how I could exhibit the connection these two materials for the benefit of others. To me personally, knots symbolise the network and bond between two things and this make it the perfect medium to display my concept. I later investigated different types of knotting technique, especially sailor knots. By physically exploring these knotting techniques, they helped me to understand the structures and their potentials as jewellery forms.

I was experimenting with different methods of setting the pearls in order to maintain the curved structure. By creating six rounded groves on the lower section of the metal, the pearls are able to secure in place and providing extra support to the overall shape. The metals are hollowed to reduce as much weight as possible. The upper section of pearls are stringed by wire while the lower section pearls are stringed by silk thread to maintain a natural drapery on the body.

In this ‘Knot’ Just Pearls collection, the metals support the overall structure while maintaining the aesthetics of the stringed pearls or individuals. By using the strength of metal to lead the flows of pearls create a smooth transformation that is gentle yet powerful to look at or wear.

Digital Paint Ups.