Sian Robinsons collection ‘Siansburys’ sees a focus surrounding the traditional trench coat, taking inspiration mainly from supermarkets and food packaging. Starting initial from manipulating crisp packets, she then merged her results into forming and creating a variation of trench silhouettes. The collection represents a mixture between masculinity and femininity, delivered through silhouettes, fabric manipulations and styling. Sian’s focus for the collection was to ensure that each look told a different story, as well as ensuring that each piece could stand for itself, allowing the collection to be styled in a mass of variations.

During the development of the collection Sian experimented with a wide range of fabric manipulation, to form a collection of plastic treated garments representing the food packaging which she initially researched. Her designs see a trench coat trapped inside a vac bag, to plastic laminated fabric. Additionally, her own prints inject a sense of humour to the sportswear/evening wear collection. As you see a pinstripe shirt formed up of her classic Siansburys logo, followed by a clashing diagonal slogan print jersey tee. Sian has also designed a range of accessories to elevate each look and offer further characteristic for each look.


The collection has a strong theme throughout allowing each look to deliver a different image and story. Silhouettes and fabric manipulation throughout the collection expresses a twist on the classic trench coat, allowing Sian to create various visions and forms of the traditional look. Humor and fun has been added to the collection to adjust the mood of what is usually seen as something more sophisticated and formal.