The beginning development of Sichanat concept for SS.B start with focus of how the reality of the American dream is not as perfect as it seems. Reflecting on how barbie is perfect and contrasting on the reality of American dream by Duane Handson who is an American sculpture artist, shows the other side of the “American dream”. Sichanat begins on researching all of Barbie careers to have deep collective idea of the use of colour, patterns and shapes used in each of the outfit pick out, After creating collage, Sichanat uses the collage as set of guidelines to focus the distinctive parts to build a collective combination design.

Throughout Sichanat research about American Culture, her collective idea was to based her design on each outfit towards a mixture of careers Barbie has experience, such as, a combination of collective ideal pieces of cheerleader skirt mix with broadness of an astronaut outfit as part of top, during her development. The designs process she wanted to make something that is eye catching but yet something that you can wear everyday. Sichanat kept sure to keep the American dream inspiration into every design. This means choosing things that American is well known for. But yet keeping the Barbie aesthetic into the designs like the colours and shapes of the garments.

In developing the expressions SS.B Collection expresses, Sichanat designs simple shapes into her design, which were badges, and phrase which related to the reality of Duane Hanson version of the American Dream, and how barbie would react to reality such as ‘whatever..’ but keeping her duties from her many careers intact, such as one of her badges ‘B.O.P’ which is an alternative representation of COP.