Panna’s debut collection takes inspiration from the work of Argentine interdisciplinary artist Tomas Saraceno. In particular ‘Aerocene’ an ongoing project involving the use of self-inflating weather balloons which use a UV reactive fabric. The collection aims to imitate the work’s sense of weightlessness, through the use of the garment of construction and materials.

The design process centred around stand work and developing ways to lift outer layers of the garments off the body to produce space in between.

This development was accelerated by introducing software like Illustrator Ai & Clo 3D to quickly simulate the building of layers off the body but within the same garment. As a result, all the patterns were developed from scratch without the use of any blocks.


The collection forms a spectrum of form and colour. It is centred around the four sculptural outerwear pieces with much of the rest of the body clothed in highly anatomical jersey undergarments.

An all jersey jumpsuit bridges the gap between outerwear and undergarment with the different dyes of the two blue pieces creating a spectrum of colour.