Sidonie Labistour’s collection was heavily inspired by physical and internal structures within the world. Circular motifs have been used throughout the collection after inspiration was taken from Anthony White’s exhibition at the Public gallery. His unique and striking artwork created through 3D pen’s explored ideas of self branding through social media and over-consumption within everyday life.

Grids played a strong running theme throughout the project, representing conformist ideas within our lifestyles, following the rules and perspectives deemed as ‘normal’ to us as humans. Looking at the recent collection of Mary Katrantzou and her tile like repetitive patterns, digital experimentation with similar effects and shapes has been used within the streetwear garments, which have then often been warped further to create unique and intricate final outcomes.

When deciding on the style of designs within the collection, it was important for the garment shapes to be distinct, with non-traditional influences. The essence of the collection was to be practical yet expressive through shocking statement prints. Unusual and modern twists have occurred in the structure of items, with tiny hot pants and bra’s alongside long trousers and coats making the collection all inclusive and unique.