Sijia Jiang's collection was heavily inspired by 1900s medical procedure and plastic surgery after world war two. The artificial limb for disabled soldiers, cutting lines and stitching process during the plastic surgery inspired Sijia to create details and print for the collection. Sijia created a contemporary collection exploring culture and movement. Transforming the ancient leather and metal tools into a more feminine style. 

During the process of combining vintage elements with feminine style, Sijia developed her womenswear range by merging different fabrics such as luxurious silk fabrics with her original print, representing the concept of the ‘body adjustment’.  For this collection, Sijia has designed with deconstruction method which is imitating the process of surgery, cutting and re-stitching garments in a creative way. By incorporating vintage artificial limbs, Sijia merges vintage and modern by simplified those ancient products into wearable garment details. she has successfully removed the boundary between contemporary and vintage.


Sijia's design tells a story of how fashion pieces present culture while still being ready-to-wear, through the considered combination of fashion pieces and background. The resulting end products demonstrate the impression of the vintage and modern, between contemporary civilisation and old mystery.