Siobhan’s collection uses her biological data from 23&Me and AncestryDNA as the basis of the collection. Taking recognisable nameplate jewellery tropes and giving them stretch marks, Alzheimers and dandruff were just some of the ways Siobhan displayed her biological data. It was important that some of the pieces didn’t stand out and remained recognisable as this allows the viewer to stumble across deeply personal information and alter the dynamic of the wearer and viewer.

The material choices Siobhan made for the pieces were narrated by the long standing use of 9 carat gold in the style of jewellery. Paying homage to her nan’s nameplate jewellery depicted below, curb and rope chains were first in line for incorporating into the collection. Bamboo hoop earrings synonymous with 80’s New York jewellery predominantly feature alongside name necklaces with words such as ‘baby’ or ‘angel’. Removing this casual nickname and replacing with ‘Earwax type - wet’ has a playful effect on how the wearer of this jewellery is understood. It also leads you to question what is it we try to display and what it is we try to omit.