Sirui Ning’s collection was inspired by the photos of skies that have been forgotten, unnoticed and buried in her phone. This collection is to celebrate the beauty of the sky through beading techniques, using the beads like atoms that come together to make new forms. This collection is about redefining the value of photos she has taken the skies at different moments.

One of the key factors of the whole collection is the transformation between 2d and 3d, so Sirui has experimented with different cuts by paper model to achieve this.

These cuts enable the squares extend in length to become necklaces.

Exploring the ‘image’ interacting with ear. The starry night beaded earring could be worn freely according to wearer's own preference, as the tiny diamond ear stud, which symbolizes the wearer's own star, is separate from the beaded fabric. The wearer can pin the ‘star’ everywhere on the ‘night sky’ and the fabric always bends in very organic shapes.