With a passion for craftsmanship and revolution, Sixtine Gendre is a Unisex Embroidery and Couture designer based in London.

When pursuing her BA degree in Embroidery and Textiles design at London College of Fashion, Sixtine became the spectator of a series of demonstrations and protests which took place in her home country -France - and the country she lives in - England. New movements and revendications arose, people presently revive the action of protest. The body becomes then a revolution, a flag on its own.

Naturally inspired by her personal heritage composed of military references and elements from Brutalist architecture, Sixtine created her own creative process vastly influenced by art and sculpture. Through the manipulation of materials and her innovative combinations of hand embroidery techniques, precious and recycled materials, she explores the body as an expressive tool, celebrating craftsmanship and constant contrast.