Since acquiring an Associate Womenswear degree at Baewha college in South Korea, Sohyeon Park decided to explore textile at Greentextile Vendor. While working there, she could learn how to produce fabrics from factories and negotiate between manufactures and market. However The more she worked at the company, the more she felt sick about commercial business and fast fashion as the company mostly dealt with the industry. Therefore she made decision to move into UK as she always admired London fashion after obtaining Working holiday visa from UK.

As soon as she arrived in London, she did a menswear design internship at JADE KANG studio. Throughout the experience, she felt interest in constructive mens suit and pattern cutting.

Luckily she could get a chance to assist a tailor at JONE&JAMES tailoring shop and she could build lots of knowledge about technical skills. 

Naturally she paid attention to fashion trends in London and considered how she can apply the classic technology into current trend. In the end, she studied at LCF MA menswear design course.

As she sought to resolve problems about fast fashion especially thoughtless overproduction and overspending, her collection represents sustainable fashion inspired by Korean culture in the 1970’s as well as representing and dedicating it to her father.