orisoup’s collection came from a lack of sewing by designer Sol Yi. He hated sewing while doing his assignments, and became inspired by the examples of people who did the petty trick. They fantastically fixed all the broken things with duct tape and cable ties. He developped various ways of making a bag where sewing wasn't required. His goal is to show off these designs as orisoup’s products.

orisoup’s first project, 'U CANNOT HOLE UP,' was made in a very easy way due to Sol’s reluctance to make things difficult. The rings in the bag are made by attaching the rings of the curtains to cut fabrics. Then he tied the holes with ribbons to make a bag. The methods listed made the bag kitsch. His products have a unique design format that differentiates his bags from others. He embraces the 'Easy-tech' method that allows people to easily produce fashion products without having to learn how to sew.

The eyelet's hole provides an interesting design element. A hole offers infinite possibilities, anything can go in and out depending on the size of the hole. The contents of the bag become suddenly visible through the eyelet holes and depending on what you're putting in your bag, you'll be able to generate your own personality and wit.