With a passion for nature and her beautiful home island, Sophie Alder is a womenswear designer based in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

During the time when she was pursuing her BA (Hons) in Fashion at West London College of Fashion and later completed in Southampton, Sophie had always been focused on how fashion has become more than just wearing clothes. They not only allow a person to express themselves, but with growing technology they are also becoming important aids in the health and wellbeing of their wearer as can be found in the research for her Dissertation: Craft, technology and nature in the future of fashion textiles.

Nowadays, her interest falls on creating a bridal collection based in Guernsey, creating bespoke pieces for brides looking for something different, with the intention to reduce the wedding industry’s waste.  It was influenced after she had been asked to create a gown for a friend who would be maid of honour at a wedding in Sicily. Her collections will always incorporate nature and be conscious of the environmental impact, allied with the latest news that wedding ceremonies may now be held on the beaches of the island, the pieces are free-spirited whilst still maintaining elegance and luxury with the carefully considered fabrics.