This project explores the erratic nature of hoarding as well as its relation to other wider social and cultural issues such as overconsumption and excessive waste, with influences and inspiration drawn from various artists and photographers such as Corinna Kern and Gregg Segal. The projects aim is to study the nature of hoarding and its relation and possible routes of translation into a cohesive fashion collection of menswear garments with consideration of textiles, print and fabrication.

Silhouettes and detailing have been influenced and informed not only through draping on the stand but sampling textiles, finishing and print techniques which are then combined together to further elevate the design and silhouette development process. The key process is thinking through making and using the 2d to inform the 3d and visa versa. The garments were designed to reflect the ever changing state of a hoarders home through the use of zip on panels and tabs secured through cable ties, meaning the pieces can be worn a variety of different ways. Clip on pockets and eyelet detailing further enhance the pieces.

For this project the key focus was on print and textiles through the exploration of repurposing materials such as bin liners and cable ties and combining these with digital print and vinyl graphics. The re use of materials links back to the initial concept inspiration. Prints reflected the initial draping materials of classic checks elevated through the use of contrasting mono prints as well as tone on tone vinyl application on jackets and elongated trousers. Using a variety of fabrics such as cottons and jerseys, humble in their beginnings but uplifted through the bright pops of vinyl slogans seen throughout the collection. Hand and digital knitwear is also brought into the collection to add another level of sophistication.