Sophie Hird is a recently graduated designer from London College of Fashion. Her work focuses on reducing the number of garments ending up in landfill, by up-cycling them and giving a new vibrant context; her graduate collection prides itself in being produced completely with up-cycled football jerseys.

Sophie aims to create an awareness of the excessive amount of surplus garments, as well as the high demand from consumers. Her concept of sustainability was driven through her time working within the industry. Interning at a global sports brand, Sophie was shocked at the number of product samples that were going to waste.

For design and silhouette references, Sophie explored the Baroque period of the 17th century. Focusing on an era when mass-produced garments did not exist, her aim was to achieve a harsh contrast between mass-produced fabrication and historical references. Using authentic techniques to manipulate the fabric, Sophie created a contrast between mass-produced garments and restored characteristics from the Baroque period.

Her collection pieces are not designed nor manufactured in a way that could be mass-produced. The ethos of her brand is based around sustainable consumption, not mass production.