Sophie Jane Robinson’s collection was inspired by her childhood memories of visiting her paternal grandparents and their home. Homely textures, bright floral tones and make-do-and-mend way of life informed all aspects of the design and construction process from traditional crochet techniques and the use of re-imagined interior textiles.

From drawing upon memories and rummaging through old family albums of her father's, Sophie found recurring styles and clothing choices that encapsulated the spirit of her family. Translating unusual textiles onto traditional 1970s silhouettes has given her collection a nostalgic feel, highlighting the reminiscent element of the design process. Furthermore, photographs from the albums have been literally printed onto some garments in order to bring old memories back to life through movement.


The final collection is an amalgamation of traditional techniques, combined with innovative textile use with an uplifting vibrancy. The final looks are designed to create happiness and nostalgia which can be experienced by the wearer and viewer alike.