Specialising in textiles and textile surface design, Srinvanti Roy is a recent graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne.

Born in India and based in Melbourne, Srinvanti Roy was educated at the National Institute of Fashion Technology Bombay. Since completing her undergraduate degree, she has worked with Converse amongst other brands for three years as a women’s wear designer where she gained industry experience before embarking on her Master of Fashion (Design) at RMIT.

Her research-driven project is based on the principles of art therapy. ’Use of Textiles in Art Therapy- FLOWING RHYTHM’ explores rhythm and repetition, and how these concepts can manifest in textiles and garment making. The textile surfaces have been created through a self therapeutic journey in order to understand the concept of flow through repeating certain techniques which generate rhythmic responses in our body thereby taking us to a therapeutic state.

In the future, she wants to study the use of textiles for therapeutic purposes in a much deeper sense in order to understand the contribution and the significance of textiles and textile making procedures to heal people.