Stephanie Cardona’s collection was inspired by remanents of fabrics her mother has kept from the time she first started sewing. Most of the fabrics are from the 90‘s such as this gingham red print shown above. Her mother inspired her to achieve her dreams of being a fashion designer. Stephanie’s sustainable approach to fashion became more prevalent after the pandemic where she found value in these vintage remanents that hold history to the her family.

Apart from the sentimental value that these remanents hold, the fabric colors and prints reflect Stephanie‘s appreciation for the NYC subway train stations’ interior. From the art norveau to the rich jewel tones that the mosaic tiles take up in the walls of each street station, the patchwork and 1900’s edwardian aesthetic runs through the collection. The collection takes in to consideration of the scarcity of the material. Most of the fabrics consists of cottons along with a few novelty fabrics to elevate the looks such as sequins, crushed velvet as well as fabric manipulation. Through out the collection, theres a mix of textiles created, distinctive prints as well as unconventional material.

The collection has a unified theme, yet each piece comes with a different recombination of unconventional materials, pattern, and technique. Stephanie's design tells a story of how fashion pieces present a story. The resulting end products demonstrate the richness of sustainability and creating the best of what you have.