Citizen T is dedicated to providing net zero manufactured fashion. PERIOD. We search out “previously loved” T shirts, jeans and jackets and screen print or hand paint original art from the Stephanie Dillon art collection or other local artists in curated capsules. Through this process we are saving our landfills and offering one-of-a-kind pieces.

Citizen - T is a re-imagined slow fashion brand that is championed and donned by ethical citizens who are hell-bent on changing the world. We take previously loved t-shirts, give them new life with art, package them up with zero waste, and share them with consumers looking to make a difference in the world.
We started our company because we believe there is a better way to create fashion. Our process removes the need for recycling, manufacturing, and wasteful processes. It all starts with finding a high quality t-shirt that is previously used or was returned. Some are blanks and some have graphics. Some have pockets and some have tags. Once we’ve washed and sanitised the shirts, they move into our proprietary dying processes. After that, we add art that is curated and designed by Stephanie Dillon, our founder. This can be in the form of graffiti, stencils, prints, and more. The clothes are then dried, ironed, and packaged up in compostable bags.