Stephanie Ferreira’s ‘Beauty Unravelled’ collection is a story that exposes the perceived notion of beauty and a submersion of sex, in the life of a young individual who rebels against an idealistic world, combining femininity with the binary opposition of masculine elements. This entails with the unravelment in these oppositions and the ability to uncover the 'in-between'. With contemporary references from Alexander McQueen, Georgia O’Keefe and Nick Knight, Stephanie re-invented the floral form which grows from the body and combines statement pieces with functionality, complimenting beauty with function.

During the process of combining traditional menswear with womenswear, Stephanie developed her collection by merging heavyweight fabrics with softer, lightweight fabrics such as her own print in canvas that is a tattoo-style rose illustration with leaves, thorns and a scroll that reads ‘We Stand For Equality’ followed by duchess silks, taffeta, cotton drills, leathers and nylons which feature warm hues such as olive green and accents of dusky pink, complimented with white. This is then woven with deep, rebellious shades of black and bordeaux which demonstrate a rich complexity, emphasising sexualisation and domination.

Stephanie’s unisex collection has a unified theme, yet each piece comes with a different recombination of unconventional pattern cutting and finishing. Whether thats bringing the shoulder lower than usual or making the collar a little more oversized. Her design tells a story of how fashion pieces present a defined beauty and atmosphere, through the considered combination of fashion pieces and background. The resulting end products demonstrate the fusion of immodesty and modesty, through a contemporary take.