Sterre Bobeldijk’s graduation collection “She sounds like an overtone from some lonely world alone” is mainly textile focused. She tells stories with her prints and fabrics and these play the leading role. Her graduation collection is a sort of self-portrait. It exists of a mix of personal interests, family stories and the influence of her childhood environment on the way she dresses. It is an ode to all the eccentrics around bringing their uniqueness to the exterior.

Her work is motivating expressiveness and playing with familiarity and unfamiliarity. The idea of having a familiar clothing item and giving it a little adjustment whereby new variations of dressing are explored was a huge inspiration for her silhouettes. She achieved this in her collection by layering garments and extending patterns that create new ways of wearing.

Sterre sees fashion as a way to express individuality, and her way to do that is by combining prints and finding exciting contrasts in materials. During her graduation collection, she especially worked with the silkscreening technique to create her textiles. She drew and painted her prints by hand and translated them into patterns and repeats, afterwards she brought them to life by screen-printing the designs on fabric and creating the garments. Seeing her own detailed work coming to live in fabric on the body is magical to Sterre. Next to creating prints and silkscreening she designed textile using contrasting materials, like her jute fabric. A “poor” fabric which she glamourised by hand embroidering it with hairy thread and sequins.

This is Sterre’s final lineup, all the looks are made by her. The styling is a very important part of the collection, they make the collection, together with the designs and mix of fabrics an eclectic whole, as intended. To achieve this eclectic look Sterre added crochet hats with beads embellished, a top made of beads, scarfs, handpainted stockings and thongs embellished with hairy thread and beads, all made by herself.