'Nocturnal Dreamscape' relates to the complicity of Karro’s new collection. A lot of design twists such as asymmetry and disproportion enhance each piece. The black and white collapse represents overthinking and over emotionality. The collection is very abstract if you look at the full range.

Every season Karro’s work evolves. For this collection she used Nuno Felting techniques to handcraft wool for our premium winter overgarments, jackets and coats. Karro collected a palette of grey shades of raw merino wool as well as raw silks and placed them to create a pattern resembling marbles.

The technique that she used allowed wool to migrate through the silk cloth creating a unique texture. Further elements were added during the process to manipulate the textile design, leaving a piece of wool fabric looking like a piece of art.

A hidden feature in this collection is the lining design. It has been quilted and designed following the outer look features. Designing inside out, especially when you can take off Studio Karro overgarments allows the piece to look great laying there because the quality would show from any angle.