Suksakaow Mahuttanatan is currently studying at Central Saint Martins MA Material Futures. After graduated from Central Saint Martins BA Textile Design specializing in Print.

As a printed textile designer, Suksakaow has a multidisciplinary and experimental-focused approach to her projects. Her work draws inspiration from art, culture, electronics, and robotics, with a strong focus on colour and the use of mixed media and materials.

Suksakaow’s BA graduate collection ‘The Collection of Miasma: Visualizing an allergic response through print’ focused on developing textiles that seek to raise awareness to issues of air quality and the resulting allergic reaction this pollution can create. A sufferer herself, she has documented her reactions and created a physical and psychological manifestation through print.

Through her project Suksakaow has developed colour pigments from the carbon of air pollution, making visible the invisible , and by using programming and electronics in her textiles she has created responsive and interactive textiles documenting her experience of 12 days of allergic responses.