Sunmu Lee’s collection is inspired by the wave of geometric architecture. It gives the impression of movement, unlike other architecture,which makes motion the focal point.

This concept came from my experience as a dancer before I entered a fashion degree. For this season, each design is from a different dynamic body movement. To express this, I created a technique that demonstrates the movement of varied architectural shapes using elastic bands and nylons to make the fabric more flexible.

Through this collection, I am challenging the connotation that all architecture is stiff and anqular. I aim to create clothing that is flexible, therefore allowing fluid movement. I have used this collection to express my own desires of wearing clothes that make myself feel both comfortable and confident.

Sunmu Lee’s collection have 3D pattern skill. It is the strongest point of design. Firstly, Thinking about the architecture shape how to put on the body. And then, finding a solution how to make a motion more comfortable and flexible. The pattern put on the body and then find twisted part and stiff part. After that, using cutting skill on that part and making movable. Finally, after this steps, considering the fabric and material to make more wearable and comfortable.

After finishing pattern, using the nylon and elastic band for testing. This is because the concept of collection is energetic active wear. For this reason, design should be light and easy to move. Nylon gives sporty mood on collection, elastic band makes shape more natural. Elastic band shrinks shape and then gives wavy crease on the surface. This crease can remove clumsy silhouette for design.

This is Sunmu Lee’s final collection line up. This line up shows the balance of collection and the idea of designer. Each design have own color. This color have the most important point. Each color means movable part on design. For this reason, on the runway, the color part will be focused on the audience. Also, the other part color is dark, designer want to focus on the color part using contrast.