Hemispatial neglect is a collection about a neuropsychological condition. It’s a damage to the brain, which can come after a stroke. The patient loses the awareness and attention of one side of the field of vision. They would only paint one side of a picture, shave only one side of the face, put make-up on only one side of the face or eat only the food on one side of the plate. It is often the right side, so the left side is forgotten, untouched. During Svea’s research process, she tried to understand how it is to live with this nearly unknown condition..

Svea’s process included to cover her left eye, trying to travel trough London without damage. She also tried to dress the right half of herself by only using the right hand and leg, or eat with only the right hand, putting make-up on, sewing, or painting only with the right side of her body. Svea tried everything in her everyday life by only using and focusing on the right side. She quickly learned, how much help she needed for simple tasks. Svea’s aim for the collection was, to bring attention to a brain condition, which is known very little about. VIDEO: http://sveabeckedorf.com/hemispatial%E2%80%8B/

Hemispatial neglect is a hand knitted collection, the knit structure comes very close to the structure of the brain. The outfits are showing the brain after the stroke. Where one side of the brain is damaged and the other side still works in its normal way. The boots, jacket and trousers elucidate this by only being transparent and fitted on one side. Svea worked closely with friends from other CSM and UAL departments to create a colourful and creative video about Hemispatial neglect.