Sydney Umberto’s collection, titled “Faded Memories,” is inspired by her childhood memories. Suffering from attachment anxiety at a young age, she uses the things that once comforted her as the details for the collection. For Umberto, memories represent a calmness, a time where one can see how instrumental moments in their lives were. This sense of nostalgia is what drives the collection.

During the initial steps of creating her collection, Umberto took to old photographs of her family as her main inspiration. She chose some of her favourites and developed her textiles using a digital blurring effect to fade the memories, illuding to the idea that the past is the past, and we cannot change it. Printing on various fabrics, Umberto found the prints on silk to be her favourite because it gave a sort of comforting movement that she had been looking for. She chose one memory specifically to be the main textile of the collection, leading her colour story.

The collection contains six full looks, all with several oversized pieces to represent a simpler time during her childhood of playing dress up in her parents' closets. Umberto was inspired by the shapes of the shadows and reflections seen in some of her beloved childhood memories. To her, these reflections most visually represent the definition of nostalgia, while setting the mood. Umberto’s designs represent the essence of a comforting memory that one can take with them in times of anxiety.