‘Wear it the way you want’ is a collection that makes you rethink how clothes can be worn in different ways in our daily life. This graduate collection was inspired by Erwin Wurm, Austrian sculptural artist; his sculptural art works had helped me to develop my idea and visualise my idea to final works. This collection investigates to ignore the original features of menswear garment and recreate original features of menswear garment. The collection investigates on sculptural art works of the imagination and creativity to redefine ways of wearing garment and its functionality.

Developing Erwin’s sculptural art works idea by using pair of denim jacket and jeans draping method is used to reframe and recreate the existing elements of garment to bring confusion to the logic and communication of clothing and to go against the aesthetic and function of general menswear fashion. My aim from this collection is to change the general idea of general menswear silhouette that transforms into an unexpected form. By using my design process transforming general menswear into eccentric yet wearable.

Continuous method of draping with cutting components of denim jacket pieces and positioning in different ways gave me new ideas how clothes can be worn. For example, attaching jumpsuit at the back of denim jacket and attaching trouser on to a shirt that can be styled in various ways.