Tag Battoo aims to bring a healing energy to fashion by using 100% . Launched in Spring 2019, Tag Battoos are fragments of fine art for handbags and jackets that also breathe new life into much-loved pieces, restore vintage treasures; and offer rescue remedies when luck doesn’t go your way.

Using inking, embossing and gilding techniques Tag Battoos are inspired by tattoos and their transformative and symbolic qualities which render them far from skin deep. Tag Battoos go beyond decoration to act like a “Band-Aid” to gently and beautifully heal holes, tears, burns and stains.

The launch range features some of our favourite symbols, like the delicate flower-laced honey bee, a symbol of the sun and wealth, a tiny speck of nature upon which our world is so dependent. The Tiger bestowed with the Aum symbol and lotus flower represents wisdom and knowledge with power, strength and authority. Tag Battoo is also definitely about playfulness and the artwork is vibrant, featuring bold, contrasting outlines.

After careers spanning fashion to furniture design, Stephan Pavlou and Donna Clarke realised there was a lot being said about sustainability but not enough action. As designers, they set themselves a mission to enable people to easily, quickly, cheaply and beautifully mend products themselves. Their first “Band-Aids” for leather appeared 10 years ago and these cool MastaPlasta self-adhesive patches have been repairing handbags, leather jackets, sofas and car seats and a host of unexpected items ever since.

Their achievement was recognised by the British government and the Queen with not one but two of the United Kingdom's most prestigious business awards – the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise - for Innovation and International Trade.