With a deep curiosity to break boundaries and design unconventionally, Tahiya Hossain fell into the world of ‘Biodesign’ as a fashion designer by growing a kombucha leather dress in 2017. She went from a designer sewing multiple collections through traditonal fabrics at first to completely re-thinking the system through biomaterials and growing biological organisms as a natural source.

During her MA in Biodesign at Central Saint Martins, Hossain built her microscopic relationships with living organisms and systems thinking through algae, mycelium, and slime mold to research alternatives for our future materials and dyes in the fashion industry.

She is now supporting the growing sustainable fashion community in London through environmentally conscious thinking and design. She believes ‘biodesign’ is a tool for designers of all disciplines to change the systems. As it has made an impact and shaped her work as a designer.