Tanja Novak’s collection was inspired by the First Wave of Feminism. While reserching the Suffragette’s she came across images of the first female boxers from the Victorian era. These images would form the basis of the collection concept. The female boxers are dressed in corseted cutoff dresses or ruffled and loose pieces, completely impractical for any form of sport. Tanja explored different forms of combat sports, and sportswear, both from a historical and contemporary angle.

&During the design development, Novak merged victorian design with traditional MMA sportswear and modern western sportswear. Fusing tailored pieces that feature hip padding to emulate the Victorian crinolines and bustles that gave that era the exaggerated hip with pleated trousers and voluminous padded puffer pieces derived form the shape of a boxing glove. The fabric choices include cotton sateen, paper nylon, coated cotton, silk jersey and latex. Chosen to reference sportswear but remain impractical as sportswear as well as create a sense of unease through the use of latex.

The collection creates a bridge between historical Victorian and sports luxe infusion. Novak designs a wearable but alternative sportswear inspired line. The pattern cutting focuses on the exaggeration of shape, both in the tailored and latex pieces which focuses the fabric close to the body, defining the waist as well as the oversized which creates an excess of fabric and builds drama. The finishing has a definite sportswear feeling, however the collection is entirely unsuitable for sportswear which reinforces the impracticality of historic womenswear.