REBORN has individuality, unique one off items; not one piece is the same. Each has lived a past life, encountering a journey full of unrestrained joy. It tells stories about extreme euphoria by letting the wearer recreate the memories by bringing them back to life. With its sustainable character the collection tries to raise awareness about the unsustainable issues within all industries.

Tasarla was initially inspired by the study of various opposing feminine stereotypes and how society has had a significant impact on their social conformities. The identity of the collection is one that empowers women to express themselves equally, to strip back the traditional trappings of femininity by shadowing over the current stereotypes, and recreating a new ideal. Celebrating the female body in the most informal way of flattery.n relation to the festival culture I decided to pick one stereotype that related best to the image of a stereotypical female festival-goer; that of a Ladette. Confident with low body modesty, boisterous and loud, provocative, whilst engaging in heavy drinking sessions, the fundamental characteristics of a male - it seemed like the perfect match.

Majority of design process was completely experimental, it began by unpicking tents to see what components, shapes and textures there was to rework into something wearable. Tasarla then draped the large shapes around a mannequin, documenting the process to visualise what pieces could pair together to form the shape of a garment. With this process in full swing the representation of a ‘ladette’ had to be in the back of her mind at all times in order to portray the full solid vision of the collection.

This is the final line up for the collection, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Tasarla was only able to create 2 and 1/2 looks from the collection. These looks were 1, 2 and the coat to outfit 3. The overall collection is 93% sustainable, most of the pink fabrics could not be sourced in a sustainable fabric, however the lime green was an organic cotton and all of the other fabrics were either dead stock, donated or scraps. The line up has been illustarted using handrawn techniques combined with CAD to give it a life like render.