Jewellery has always been a part of my life from the very beginning - in Egyptian culture newborns are gifted jewellery rather than toys. I was always infatuated with jewellery and body adornment and I started making my own basic beaded jewellery from quite a young age. When when that got boring I would pull apart my costume jewellery and recreate them into new pieces. Even though I would I get complements from strangers at no point had I ever considered it a career path, I just was lost in creation.

In school I was always artistic but never had a clue what I really wanted to do. About three years after finishing school I finally decided to study Design & Events and from there I realised I much preferred working in 3D rather than 2D and moved into Jewellery & Object design after recommendations from teachers and friends. I immediately knew I had found my path once I started studying jewellery and while I loved working in metals and exploring new materials and textures to create with, I did find the course creatively restrictive for my style and interests and once I finished studying I went travelling to take a step back and see what was next for me. It was by no means my first trip, but a significant one after three years of design school and visiting new parts of the world, it really opened up my creativity and set me on a new path.

I went on to further learning and practice in Mexico, and jade carving in New Zealand.