TATI`s MA graduate collection ‘The Power of my hands’ juxtaposes folklore, traditional craftsmanship and punk, defiant feminism. In the process TATI was highly inspired by the Art work of Iuliia Gulina and a 19 the century illustration heroine called Brunhilde from the Nibelungenlied saga. In addition, the artist and illustrator Rachel Hodgson which displays playful and naive, defiant girls who are peeing on the street are a major inspiration in the creative process of TATI.

Using collage, hand made textures and graphic tapes TATI has created a bright and joyful collection. One jacquard pasted across a jumper bust reads ‘girls masturbate too’ in bellowing upper case, there’s a saturation of raspberry pinks and purples, furry underwear to insinuate pubic hair and labial wool patterns.

In her process she normally starts by styling with archival pieces which she drapes on herself or on her muses. Parallel she develops her knitwear techniques which she drapes to figure out which shapes could be created. In the following process she collages everything together and then it is a constant process from 2D to 3D to check the shapes on the body. TATI is very much inspired by her cultural heritage and therefore she looked into traditional German clothing and lacework which inspired her to create her knitwear techniques. She worked with a disolvent yarn which disappears after washing. Most of the time she developped her jacquards on the STOLL machine which she programmed herself and afterwards washed her long pannels with 60 degrees so the solvent yarn would disappear and everything felts up and creates zicktack lines inbetween the jacquards.
TATI is not only a knitwear designer, she is also interested in creating pop colour prints which she integrated into her collection. Embroidery, laser cutting and crocheting have been other techniques intertwined in her process. She handpainted hair extensions with her own prints, shapes and name and used embroidery as an additional way of reworking and expressing her honour towards women`s work. TATI had the chance to work together with Hepzibah Lyon, a bag designer from the UK, but also got sponsored by Teva, Trippen, House of U (a sustainable printing company) and Punto Seta. The spiky pink shoes are designed by Romain Rossi.