Taz Dorodi’s collection was heavily inspired by her experience of living in Iran, most of her life. Growing up as a girl in Iran, Fashion was always a form of ‘’ Protest’’. Women who make fashion statements break the law and risk their lives. They use fashion as a form of resistance. This instantly drawn Taz to the idea of ‘’ restriction’’, how their social inequality between men and women in reflected.The fact that they didn’t have the chance to voice their opinion. She wants to emphasise how masculine women become in the sense of their life style. 

During the process the idea was to create both masculinity and femininity throughout the collection to fight for women's right and to achieve gender equality, a debate that has not yet been spoken or mentioned in any way.Her idea was to send out message to all women and inspire them and show them that they are more powerful and stronger than they think that's why she has always been interested in womenswear tailoring.She believes that clothes should make women feel strong, sexy and empowered. It's still worth remembering that bespoke clothing not only can make us look unique, but what is more important, fits our body well and gives us the feeling of absolute comfort.


The collection has a theme of women's liberation and unity, each design piece comes with a different combination of silhouettes that are focused on both looseness and structured and also creating that volume throughout the collection. Taz's design also speaks the language of how a strong piece of clothing could speak for its self, and by looking at it you can feel the power and freedom of a woman with no restrictions what so ever. Taz was also inspired by her cultures print and textile design, and wanted to create something that she would feel proud for her country. Wearing scarfs ( Hijab ) is something that is forced in her culture and for that she created her own printed fabrics to use as a symbol throughout her collection.