Should a designer decide to submit his/her brand and/or portfolio material to Fashion Crossover London with the intention of showcasing his/her work on our platform and commercial channels, please read the below Terms & Conditions to understand the nature and details of our agreement. By submitting your work to us you automatically agree to the Terms & Conditions stated here.

1. “FASHION CROSSOVER-LONDON.COM” e-commerce platform (hereinafter referred to as “FASHION CROSSOVER Platform”) is owned and operated by FASHION CROSSOVER, which is an electronic trading service platform that provides technical support, showcase and retail functions.

1.1 In these terms of business, the following words shall have the following meanings:

"FASHION CROSSOVER " means Fashion Crossover Limited.

"The Designer" means the company/individual purchasing the Services.

2. For any fees that are paid to Fashion Crossover London for this particular service, refund can be requested within 14 days of payment before the online content has been created. Once the online content has already been created, and/or, after 14 days of payment made, any payment made is non-refundable.

3. This Agreement shall continue in full force and effect unless terminated in accordance with the provision of Clause 4 and Clause 10.

4. To terminate this Agreement, The Designer shall notice FASHION CROSSOVER at Least 30 days in advance. This Agreement will be terminated after the application is reviewed and approved by FASHION CROSSOVER.

5. The Designer shall send their brand information to FASHION CROSSOVER 14 working days after the payment is completed. Having received and reviewed the submitted brand information, FASHION CROSSOVER shall upload all the information on to “FASHION CROSSOVER-LONDON.COM” accordingly.

6. The Designer must confirm that all the information including but not limited to supporting documents and other relevant certificates it submits to FASHION CROSSOVER are authentic, accurate, lawful and valid, and that it will notify FASHION CROSSOVER of any change in the said materials and provide updates in a timely manner.

7. The Designer agrees to grant FASHION CROSSOVER a worldwide (to the extent permitted by law), free-of-charge license (and the right to sub-license) to (wholly or partially) use, copy, revise, adapt, publicize, translate, distribute, execute and display the information provided by The Designer on the FASHION CROSSOVER Platform, produce any derivative works thereof and/or include the said information in any other works via any form, media or technology that is currently known or to be developed in the future.

8. Each Party shall maintain the confidentiality of the execution and content of this Agreement as well as the trade secrets of the other Party obtained during the term of this Agreement. Neither Party may disclose, provide or transfer such confidential information to any third party (except a related company) without prior written consent of the other Party (except for the disclosure to the government, stock exchange and/or other regulatory agency in accordance with laws, regulations or stock exchange rules, or to the parties’ respective legal, accounting, business and other advisors and employees).

9. FASHION CROSSOVER may rescind this Agreement at its sole discretion if The Designer violates its obligations under this Agreement and refuses to take corrective action after being notified thereof by FASHION CROSSOVER.

10. In no case shall FASHION CROSSOVER be held liable for any failure or delay in providing services due to the breakdown of power supply, network, computer or other systems, strike (including internal strike and labor unrest), labor dispute, riot, insurrection, tumult, insufficient capacity or means of production, fire, flood, storm, explosion, war, acts of government and other force majeure events, orders of international or domestic courts, or comissions of any third party.

11. Services under this Agreement will be provided on an “as is” and “available” basis, and FASHION CROSSOVER hereby explicitly disclaims any guarantee, express or implied, concerning the services’ applicability, absence of errors and omissions, continuity, accuracy, reliability, and fitness for a particular purpose, et cetera.

12. The Designer understands and agrees that FASHION CROSSOVER shall have the right to update, adjust and amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time at its sole discretion without further notice; all updates, adjustments, amendments to the relevant rules shall become effective once publicized on FASHION CROSSOVER Platform. It is deemed that the Designer agrees to be bound by such rules if it continues to use the platform services.

13. Force majeure events: The Party affected by any force majeure event during the term of this Agreement shall notify the other Party immediately thereof and provide relevant supporting documents within 14 working days after notification. If the force majeure event continues for 30 days, either Party may terminate this Agreement by sending a notice to the other Party. If this Agreement is suspended or terminated due to a force majeure event, neither Party shall be held liable for breach of contract.

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