Terrence’s collection is a depository of his experiences that document these vulnerable, hilarious and most personal moments. It is a body of work that incorporates lighting design, digital art, sculpture, installation and performance. Each garment of this collection is both metaphorical and literal embodiment of himself. He draws from my own experiences and thoughts, and then these mental objects take shape and address both the self and spectator. Every element from his work, including colours, shapes, to the humour, invites people to connect with him. However, the silhouettes are intended to be bold and undeniable that the viewers cannot avoid its presence nor approach it, creating that mental and physical distance from him.

Terrence identified a few objects he loves and activities he likes to do. He works out everyday, and the gym clothes become very important part of his design. He has also wiped out his identity and replaced it with an exaggerated nipple gym bag. Terrence always dreams to have a biggest pecs in the gym and the nipple becomes the metaphor for it. The bag is a nipple shape that is made out of plastic(PETG). Terrence first built a 3D model of it, and vacuum formed the heated plastic on top of the 3D model.

Terrence imagined himself designing a rocket for SpaceX. The shape of this rocket is inspired from his dildo. The silhouette is made from two parts. The top part is a 20’’ X20’’X15’’ plastic, the bottom part is a 24’’ X48’’ X24’’ plastic. The are all vacuum formed based on 3D plug Terrence designed.

He calculated the diameter of a UFO. When the plastic sheet is heated like a saddle, Terrence hit the vacuum button, the shape is formed. When the plastic is worn on top of the shoulder, it mimics the wide shoulders and delts of athletes. For him, he wants to create a feeling for the wearer to feel the role Terrence is playing.