Théo LALIS started his BA in womenswear at Central Saint Martins in 2019, since then the designer has been exploring his visual vocabulary through different mediums and perspectives making otherwordly hats and other intriguing stylished accessories. Focusing on texture and upcycling, there is a deep interested in the social and political context within its creation, questioning the most established and common concepts limiting our thoughts and beliefs to ideas that wont shake the already unstable system.

Working with unusual materials such as silicone and silicone foam, his collections are based around the struggle of being trapped in a society where the majority is unheard, ignored, silenced  and discredited through social constructs like ambition and meritocraty for example. It intends to capture the rage and the boiling  frustration of the minorities and the youth receiving stroke after stroke but waiting in the shadow of the dark alley for their time to reapply a balance and a sense of social justice.

Designing genderless clothes with the will of keeping a small and local production, there is plans already made of making every single piece unique and rework as much 2nd hand clothing as it is possible within the art direction allowance. Aiming to find a balance between products , crafted pieces and art, between what is wearable and what is not, betwen what is understandable and what is out of reach, the fantastical atmosphere from his work is almost becoming a parrallel reality.Théo Lalis is also expressing his identity through illustrations, in which he develops his colours for his collections, drawing from actual art items or imaginatory scenes depicting his fatasized life.