Here is Théo Lalis sketchbook pages fragment related to different projects. The first 2 pages corresponds to the development to the staining glass inspired skirt, dealing with grief and the absence or departure of something that used to rule somehow your everyday life. Letting go with the past, breaking what you have known and thriving in the unknown.

Working around the imagery of fragility, glass that have been smashed but not enough to fall apart, Théo is intending to subvert it with staining glass as a metaphor for deconstructing ideas to create a foundations to build upon your thoughts. Using 50’s women clothing, the intention is to break from this socially oppressive mould where times were especially particular, feeling that could be sensed in this period of time fashion with tight clothes exaggerating the waist, pretty dresses to make the women enjoyable to watch (entertainment) and lot of dress code/ rules .

Those two next slides are related to a project based on a potential scenario that could happen in the next few decades because of the climate change. The weather becoming more extreme, the only 2 types of environment left is either a desert of burning sand or a desert of infinite snow. Using the imagery of a western figure that is not made and used to live in hot burning places.

The cowgirl has to always be on the go in case of a storm ,she is a loner because of the absence of social media and moreover has to survive by coming up with craft that she never learned including hunting as well as making clothes.