Having been awarded 1st place in the ASOS LTD 100 female clothing design competition, designer Wang has yet to cheer for her own achievement. There is not even much information available online about designer Wang. As subtle as the designer herself, her studio is delicately hidden within a small community in guangzhou, only to be found if one is really looking.

At first glance, the interior of the studio is filled with a diverse variety of antique vases and vivid mineral stones, and positioned in the centre of the room is a sizeable vintage desk constructed from pure natural timber. To any unsuspecting observer, at first sight the setting of the studio forms a strong contrast with the characteristic of her modern designer clothing.

However, by taking a closer look, one can soon realise that the natural texture and pattern found in the rocks and timber, have been magnified and extracted by Miss Wang to be utilised in her designer clothing. The raw ingredient from nature has been cleverly reconstructed and then rearranged onto the fabric which is used for her designer pieces. It is by this daring combination, Wang has established her unique identity and individuality in her clothing design.

Influenced by her education in England, Wang has her own philosophy about modern clothing design: for every first-class design and product, much time is needed to be spent on their creation. Such a principle under the current commercial environment when most designers are focussing on speed and profitability is especially rare to find. "Every designer wants to make money, but if I am in too much of a hurry, even if I am able to profit from one season, I cannot guarantee the quality and sales volume of the following season, which I don't believe is a good practice.” Looking back at her order volume for the past several years, steadily but surely, it has always been on the rise, it is with her long term vision and clear ambition Wang is able to profit from her ‘take it slow’ philosophy.

There are always unforeseen opportunities and challenges for young brands such as the one created by Wang. It is obvious the tough spirit embedded within the softness of the fabric created by Wang has become a good representative of modern female design clothing. For any eager observer, one can only hope she will continue to progress according to her own pace and ideology and create artistic pieces with surprising elements of ‘confrontation’.