‘We are human’ is a streetwear collection in collaboration with The Blank faces – a social enterprise in Glasgow who are aiming to end homelessness. This gender-neutral collection is inspired by individual stories from those who have experienced homelessness first-hand. It focusses on ending the stigma and expressing that no human should be treated differently for not having a home. As part of her third-year collection, Tiegan wanted to use print as the focal point while incorporating colours that had positive connotations to the ongoing homeless issues. Tiegan explored a variety of streetwear trends whilst keeping the brands market level in mind.

After learning about the significant numbers of homeless people who suffer from physical and verbal assault every day, it became important for Tiegan to display the ‘We are human’ message. To start with, trend research was carried out on print for SS/22 where minimal lines were highlighted to Tiegan and the idea that prints with a story will strengthen a bond with its consumer. From here, a variety of hand-drawn continuous line faces were created to represent humanity and community. The choice to create faces with no obvious gender was purposely made in order to represent every human. The faces were then taken to photoshop to be layered and coloured - blue symbolising stability, purple symbolising peace and independence while the white background portrays the sense of being complete and represents openness, kindness and healing.

Tiegan then incorporated the ‘We are human’ message into the print itself by replacing small sections of the thin lines with words. From here, using the technical drawings from her collection, Tiegan used photoshop to help consider the appropriate dimensions of the print on a garment. After, printed samples were requested from an online digital printing source, where organic cotton was selected as the main material within the collection - this was due to the fabric holding good structure whilst also being sustainable and suitable for printing.

This is Tiegan’s final line up. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Tiegan was only able to create one of her garments. The garment created was the ‘We are human’ shirt jacket - an oversized digitally printed garment with loose-fitting dropped sleeves. This jacket was made with an outer shell of 100% organic cotton and an inside lining of 100% viscose which allowed a soft and comfortable feel. The rest of the collection would have also been predominantly constructed from organic cotton with silver poppers and invisible zip fastenings throughout. This line up was created using photoshop and is a digital version of Tiegan’s hand-drawn the original line up below.