This collection explores archetype clothing worn by painters. Tinezia was initially inspired by the colours of the old buildings that the Mediterranean Wholesalers market on Sydney Road is in. This made Tinezia thinks about the artists of Brunswick because the area is known for being creative and it looked like the different colours of the buildings were cohesive. It seemed like the painters were considered about the colours of the buildings.

During the design process, Tinezia observed art studios in Brunswick and researched what artists wear, as well as fashion designers like Jacquemus and Viktor & Rolf who make clothing inspired by artists. Aimed to build insight into the role of fashion in urban places and spaces, Tinezia wants to see more cohesive colours in Brunswick because it is the way of celebrating creativity in the area. Having more colourful fashion in the area inspired by the buildings could make people pay more attention to the details of the environment and the creative culture.

The designs feature colourful prints of the buildings layered with painting on fabric because it gives the impression of an unfinished artwork. The silhouette and forms of the garments are inspired by artist clothing like aprons, overalls and painting smocks. Tinezia also used creased linen because it represents the colours and textures of the buildings.