Admiring the qualities of material such as finding beauty in the delicacy of plastic net, she created her own distorted spaces inspired by the aerialists performing environment. The way it pulls and moves with the body.

She has explored the beauty of form from aerialists ability to deconstructed silhouettes. Playing with the soft and the strong elements, the familiar and the otherworldly. She created her own distorted net in which she formed metal to grow around through chemical processes.

An aerialists suspends like a beautiful art piece symbolizing they are very "spectacle" itself. There is still movement found in the stillness of Anderson & Low's photography of gymnasts and aerial performers, its poetic and evocative. Capturing notions of freedom, beauty of form and how dynamic bodies are. All figures explore that bodies can transform into surreal abstract forms.

Bodies caught in movement in harmony with their performing environment. Transformation of materials was at the forefront of this collection. In creating these forms she intended to preserve little elements of the materials initial form. The red lines of the net are recycled plastic showing what it use to be to to what it is now. The soft and strong curves found in the body.