Treeney Harkin is a current Burberry Design Scholar at the Royal College of Art studying an MA in Jewellery and Metal. Having previously gained a 1st class honours in Textiles and Surface Design she went on to work within the highly dynamic London fashion industry, working with brands at the forefront of the creative scene such as MARIEYAT, Marques’ Almeida and Burberry. Her increasing interest in jewellery design led her to undertake her current study, beginning a practice that blends the boundaries of jewellery, well-being and women’s studies.

A female-focused designer telling the stories of women’s history and exposing modern-day inequalities. Designing for strength, empowerment and to create a better today. The growing focus of her work supports women’s health, aiming to create awareness and positive change. Her current capsule collection explores female power and the male gaze, working in the mediums of silver and glass, supported by an array of visual imagery.