The theme of the collection is “Multiverse”. Although other time and space cannot be seen, there is a strong connection with us, with similar characteristics but creating multiple possibilities. This is connected to our subconscious and can be felt and imagined. Combing with 3D printing technology and surrealism, the collection expresses the concept of multi-wear. Being “To infinity and beyond” under the fantasy of the future and the unknown. It depends on how you think and feel. Therefore, contrasts of fabric, color, and style are the means the expire this concept. Surrealism is the way to show the means to a connected different universe.

As the collection is focused on functional style, polyester and nylon are satisfied for constructing utilitarian mood and usage. The sight effect of those types of fabrics can perform hyperspace feelings, especially for the iridescent fabrics.

There are alternative ways to communicate between the multiverse. Technology languages which are the HPPT code are applied in the design. A multiverse is a mysterious and unknown concept in cosmology, which is related to advanced technology to the present. Different technical skills have been applied to present the theme which included digital printing and 3D printing. Scale-up and down the proportion is the main development of both printings which convert the messages of different ways of communication.