Tyesha Camacho aimed to try and keep her colection sustainable in order to not contribute to the effects of fast fashion. The majority of fabrics used are cotton based for this reason. She used digital printing as she felt she could convey her message better in this process. She also used elements of screen printing to partially replicate the texture of graffiti on walls.

She created the brand CAMAT to capture her vision of a streetwear brand. Her graduate collection was aimed at menswear but aims to progres into unisex wear. Her primary imagery was drawn from pictures she took of her friends who are aspiring artists, studio environments, her day-to-day environment in London and graffiti. She felt that some areas of London are given a bad reputation, she doesn't support the bad aspect but she just wants to highlight the good.

Her final collection is bold and full of attitude to express the passion she has for trying to redefine the negative stereotypes ingrained into her everyday life. She hopes to see her collection on the runway one day.